Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't you Mess with Gavie Jon!

Today we had the cable guy out to check on our cable. (Our phone line was breaking up and it is through the cable company) Well while he was here he messed with the cable in the boys room. Big mistake! Gavie was in his room watching HIS DORA! All of a sudden the cable guy unplugs the cable and POOF! Gavie's Dora disappeared! He cried for about a minute (more like a ticked off cry). Well a few minutes later the cable guy walks into the boy's room. Gavie looks up at him and in a serious tone goes ... FIX IT!!!! I had to try so hard not to laugh! The cable guy looked at me and goes I guess he told me! So the moral of this is DO NOT MESS WITH GAVIE'S DORA!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The scars of life ...

These scars are a part of our everyday life. I used to cry at the thought of my beautiful baby boy living with these horrible scars on his precious little arm.

Now I smile knowing they are BATTLE scars. Scars showing a battle he is fighting and winning! He has overcome so many hurdles that we were told he would never be able to do!!!

Don't get me wrong ... I love his Ortho Doc, but I am so happy that Gavie is proving him wrong!! We were told he would never crawl and he did! We were told he would never be able to use his arm ,but you know what ... he is!!!! He is learning to eat with his hand and boy oh boy can he climb!!!

I am thankful for these scars. They have saved his life and these scars have taught me about love and caring. And to NEVER NEVER EVER take life for granted!!!!