Monday, December 15, 2008

My new JM Tag

I got my new JM tag done tonight. I think it turned out adorable!

He's a Big Boy Now ...

It is official ... my little guy is now a big boy! After we got home from Disney World I began potty training Mister Gabs. He is now in big boy pants and hates pull ups! Every now and then he may still have a "poopie" accident but other then that he is doing awesome!

He told me that he is a big boy now and not a baby. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Funny Beach Story ...

I just had to share this cute story of when we are at the beach in Florida. Rick (My Step dad) took Gabs and Nic down to the water and as they were enjoying the view a tidal wave came in! It was high enough to completely soak Gabs! The funny part was that Nic was wearing flip flops and the waves took them right off his feet!!!!

I thought for sure we had lost his fave pair of Tony Hawk Flip Flops! But sure enough the waves brought them back and he snagged them up! I happened to snap a pic right as it happened! You can see my step dad jerking Gabs up so the wave wouldn't carry him away and Nic's shoes being carried off!

Some Florida Pics ...

Here are some pics from Florida. More to come soon!

Catching Up ...

As you can see my trip post was way over due! A lot has been going on since we got back. When we got back I was having some serious sleep issues. I was exhausted and wanting to sleep all the time. I would go to bed with Gabs at 8 pm and wake up at 8am and still be super tired. I think it was due to all the stress I had been under along with jet lag and all the activity of our trip. I am well now but have been taking care of my Dad and the boys. So my next few blogs are also catch up blogs as well!!!

Our Trip

What a wonderful vacation. We were so sad to see it end!!! The boys had so much fun in Florida as did us older kids (big grin).

Gavie saw HIS Mickey and Minnie! He is so in love with Minnie. He said she is his new girlfriend. Although he would have little to do with any of the other characters. He would say hi as long as you held him but no hugging or kissing was going to happen lol.

We also got to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour take off from our condo. What a neat and wonderful experience! Gavie was so amazed by the light in the sky! It is not everyday you get to see something like that so it was really nice to be a part of history.

The people at Give Kids the World were beyond AMAZING. Words cannot describe their generosity. We were treated like royalty. Honestly once you go there you will NEVER want to leave. And the families. We will keep all of the special families in our hearts and prayers. It was so nice to see a place where you DON'T see a child's disability but their smile. Gav and Nic were showered with gifts everyday we were there. Also everyday was ice cream day! The ice cream shop was so adorable!

Sea World was so much fun. The boys got to touch an actual stingray! Remarkably they are so soft and not slimy! The coolest thing was the Sharks! All of the different kinds of Sharks swimming above our heads was awesome. The boys really liked this and were amazed by these unique fish. Gavie managed to snag a stuffed Big Bird from here as well.

DisneyWorld was awesome. As I mentioned before Gabs loves Mickey and Minnie! As for the rides Gabs wanted nothing to do with them. He did love to sit in the stroller though and look around. And he loved Mickey's House. Of course the ultimate was meeting Mickey and Minnie. He wanted to bring them home with us!!! What was so wonderful was that they saw that Gabs was a Make A Wish child and gave him more time with Mickey then usual per child. I almost cried at the way they made over him. Mickey and Minnie were hugging and kissing him. There was only one other family in the room with us and I even saw that Mom close to tears as she watched them interact with Gabs.

All in all it was more then we could ever ask for. We miss being there every day since we have been home. Florida is a wonderful place to visit and I know we will defiantly be returning!