Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh what a day!

Yesterday Gavie had his MRI and oh what a day we had!

Gavie did wonderful for the MRI and he let them put his IV in with not even a tear! He fought the sleepy meds a little bit though. They got the MRI done but he woke up right as they were finishing which with the amount of sleepy meds he shouldn't of. Kathy (his MRI Nurse) says she thinks he has had MRIs so much that his body has become immune to the children's sleepy meds. So next time he will have to go under general anesthetic.

As he woke up the real fun began. He was not a happy lil man at all! He wanted to walk and did not understand that he couldn't so he cried and became mean. He tried to pull his IV out so Kathy went ahead and took it out so he wouldn't hurt himself. Then we went upstairs and since he does not have a central line anymore he had to go get blood drawn. He actually sat there and let her do it. I was sure there would be kicking and screaming involved. Then we went and saw the Doctor. They said he looked wonderful and was so impressed with the way his arm looked and the function of it. The results were not available like they usually are something to do with the person who reads them was going to be busy for like an hour or so. So the Doctor told us they would call today with the results.

Home we went. Gavie did well in the car and fell asleep. As soon as we got home though he was the exorcist baby!!!!! He screamed and cried all night until dinner. He finally settled down and ate something. (the first time all day) Finally after dinner the anesthetic seemed to have worn off. Around 8:30 Gavie and I were laying in bed and he got an upset tummy and threw up all over himself and me and my bed! It was a mess! I had to get him and I in the shower and then clean up the bed. FINALLY after all that was done he laid down and went asleep.

He slept all night and woke up this morning his happy self wanting his Ucky Charms! So now we just need to wait until they call from the office and get the results. Which is nerve wrecking!!!

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