Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sad to see you go ...

Well I guess I should post my piece now about DC closing. I am really upset that it has come to this. Due to someone's immaturity a whole site of WONDERFUL people have to lose out. 

I also got my first taste of these so called Scrap Smack Blogs! Oh my call me nieave but I never knew they exsisted. Now I know in the real world not everyone gets along or likes the same stuff but, this was RIDICULOUS! So called grown women acting like they were in High School again. Oh well I guess if doing this makes them feel young again so be it. I just know that I will be staying as far from all of that drama as I can! 

I hope to keep in touch with all of my DC Gals. Where ever this Scrap World may take them. I myself will have to find a new place to post I have a place in mind where I know some of the Gals and everyone seems fairly friendly so we shall see.

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