Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh what a day ... so far!

This morning I get a text from Nic's "father" saying he will not be able to get with Nic today and wants to reschedule for Tuesday. This of course broke Nic's heart seeing as he worked really hard on his Fathers Day card practicing his cursive even! He had planned on spending the day with his "dad" on Fathers Day. So I had to deal with a mini breakdown from him this morning.

Then this afternoon Gabs decides to sneak out the back gate and take Toto with him!! Gabs was down to the end of the back of our Condos and Toto was around the bend of the Condos in our Neighbors front yard. Both are home safe and sound but boy am I shook up! I swear with Gabs you just turn your back a second and he is gone and into something! He is defiantly my Little Fiesty Man! 

And just think it is only 2:30 so we still have a lil over 6 hours before bedtime! Oh what else could happen?! 

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Marla said...

Oh my word! I hope the rest of the day was better, Jodie!