Thursday, March 6, 2008

As if we don't have enough stress!!!

OK I am not going to get into everything because it is way to long! But here is a brief with what is going on! Which may be long to ... sorry but I need to vent!

Well as you all know in Sept we had to move due to mold in the house where we were. Well my Mom contacted a family friend (or so we thought) and he let us rent one of his Condo's where we used to live until we could find a house to buy. (He has over 80 properties) Well it seems at the time he rented to us he KNEW this condo was going into foreclosure!

Little things have happened over the months and we questioned Pete about it ,but he ALWAYS reassured us that everything was fine and these were mistakes. Well we just found out last week through some detective work (thanks to public files) that this Condo was already in foreclosure and in fact was now owned by the bank and getting ready to go up for auction!!! All of this was finalized December 26th, 2007!

Now we have paid Jan. and Feb. rent to these people who supposedly had taken over for Pete. Even talking to Pete himself when going to pay rent! NEVER once was it mentioned that this place was not owned by him no more! Even when we were curious and asked ... we were told that they took over for Pete to help him collect rent from people and that all was fine.

We have NEVER been late on rent mind you. In fact we paid December's rent with October's! Well after we found out about what was going on we confronted them and they even said they were sorry and couldn't believe he had done this to people (we are not the only ones! There are at least 6 Condos in here plus alot of his other properties) Well we told them we wanted our rent money back seeing as this place was in foreclosure and no one is paying for it. We are not entitled to pay rent (Our lawyer advised us of everything).

Well we received a letter in the mail yesterday in which the company straight up lied and said they had NO IDEA this was going on and that they would be more then happy to move everyone involved in this matter into one of THEIR places!

We received a call today and I will not get into all the details but this man claimed to be from a collection agency (funny he sounds EXACTLY like one of the guys from the rental office!) He said if we do not pay rent today he was giving us a 72 hour eviction notice! (We were advised by our lawyer NOT to pay rent). Well what upset me the most is when I INFORMED him (which he already knew) that I had a son with Cancer he laughed yes you saw correctly laughed! and said Oh well I will be over in awhile with your eviction papers.

This hurt my feelings more then any darn place could. How could you laugh at a child who had to fight to live!? I watched my son almost die and he has the balls (sorry had to say it) to laugh about that!

We have another place to live and have known since yesterday and in fact we are moving next week so I am not scared of him but I am just hurt and angered he would act like that over a child who has been so sick. I am glad he wasn't here in front of me because I would be in jail right now for kicking his butt!

Sorry I just had to vent!

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