Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gavie's eyes

A couple months ago my Step-Dad noticed that Gavie's right eye kind of turned inward well at the time we didn't think much about it. Well last month at his 2 year check-up I went ahead and asked Dr Fox about it. She said she could tell it went slightly inward when he was focusing.
So she referred him to a Peds Eye Specialist. And his apt is next Wed. I am starting to get worried though because Thursday at therapy Lori his therapist asked me about it. She said it looked really bad and noticable as he was doing therapy.
I am hoping this is not another surgery in the making. The poor child has been through so much since birth! At 2 years old his body is breaking down! I will keep everyone informed after his apt and let y'all know what the doc said. The funny thing is his new doc is named Gavin! How ironic!

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