Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Relay for us ...

Sadly we didn't get to go to the Relay yesterday. Due to the rain and all of the flooding our County was under Emergency. We could only leave our houses if it was an emergency. I am about to give up. This past month has been just horrible!!!! I am so ready to give this bad luck to someone else!!!

The lady has been nice though and said they will mail Lori (she lives in the same County) and Gavie their T-Shirts. At least next year we will know at the beginning so we can start raising money then.

As soon as Gavie gets his shirt in the mail I will put it on him and snap some pics!

I was really upset that we didn't get to go but last night as I snuggled in bed with Gavie I realized that he didn't have to walk a special lap to be recognized. He is a SURVIVOR! At the age of 2 he has kicked Cancer's butt. To me he is an icon and my little Hero. I thank God everyday for him.

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