Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a Great Day

Today we went to the zoo and had a blast! It was a Riley event held by students at IU. We had a great lunch and then got to see our own private showing in the Dolphin Pavilion. And got to speak with one of the Dolphin Trainers. It was really neat and the boys loved it. The we hung out all day with Eric and Andrew (2 IU students) and had an awesome time taking the boys around the zoo. The coolest part of all was we got to actually pet Sharks!!! It was really neat!

Gavie has a new friend. Her name is Michelle and she is also a student at IU. Her and her Mom were there and she fell in love with Gavin. Her Mom was so touched by Gavie that she wanted to exchange email addys so she could keep up with his progress.

One more note that makes it all perfect is that Eric himself was a Riley patient 3 years ago. He had a blood disorder and had a bone marrow transplant. He is now studying Biology and Pre Med!

After the boys go to bed I will upload pics and add them on here. They are to busy to do it now! Time for wind down!!!!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day.

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