Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Look and a whole lot going on!

Wow I have been so busy that I have yet to post on my family blog! So much is going on these days so let me break it down!

First off I am now on the Creative Team for both Tanyia's Pretty Pixels and Dreamscape Designs. I am also a guest CT for Duchess Designs for the month of August. It is a lot of hard work but I am loving it! I am trying to catch up though because life has been hectic as well!

School is about to start up again and I will be continuing my studies to earn my diploma. That is right I sadly did not Graduate. It is not because I am not smart enough. I just was extremely shy and High School was not my wonder years if you know what I mean. However I am excited to be able to continue my studies and earn my diploma! I want my boys to be proud of their Mom!

Now on to Nic ... Tonight is Orientation for his School. It will be nice to see everyone again. I can't wait to hear about Vacations and all. Ronnie and Melissa will be attending with us. Yes you saw right. For the last 2 months Nic has been visiting with him (with me by his side of course!). It is going ok although Ronnie has been sneaky a couple times in trying to get Nic by himself. Um sorry it just is sooooooooooooooo not gonna happen!!! Melissa seems like a nice lady though and I happen to get along with her. Which I am sure is great for Nic.
I took him to the Dentist yesterday (yes I finally managed to get him back there after the root canal!) and he has cavities yet again! UGH UGH UGH!!!!! Two of them to be exact. I swear I tell him to brush. Boys gotta love em right. I also need to call and make an appt. for this Orthodontist, so he can get braces. He on the other hand is so not having it. What is a Mother to do huh? I hate fighting with him, but this so needs to be done!
Other then that he is doing well and I think secretly he is ready for school to start. He has missed his friends.

As for Gavie well he has grown like a weed in the last month and OMG the vocab on this little pint size man is incredible! We are still working on learning the basic stuff though. To me he seems to be struggling, but I am used to Nic who was not sick and picked all the basics up just like that. I am working with him everyday though. Also I am throwing learning into everyday things as well. Maybe this will work ... who knows!
Gavie also went to the Dentist yesterday and NO CAVITIES! They said his teeth looked good but he had a slight overbite. Maybe from the binky??? However when he turns 6 and starts getting big teeth they will have to look at them more carefully due to the Chemo he received. I guess even if you don't really have teeth yet it can still effect the ones forming as an infant. (Notice there is always a HOWEVER with Gavie)
He also saw the Eye Doc again and is defiantly going to need glasses big time. He says it looks like both of Gav's eyes are crossing. One more then the other though. Also his farsightedness has gotten worse. Poor guy can he just get a break! So we are going to Riley this week to pick out some cool frames for him. Hopefully he will keep them on!!!
And last but most certainly not least! I signed Gav up for his Make a Wish!!! We are waiting now for Dr P to sign the acceptance papers. So more on that to come ....

Other then that everything else is going ok. I am still single .. go figure huh. Sometimes I want someone then there are times I am like um nah!!! So we shall see what the future holds ... Until next time ....

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