Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't say you are sorry ...

I have noticed that everyone who finds out about Gavie the first words out of their mouths is "I am so sorry". I know this is a common reaction to the situation but, it still stings. To me you say I am sorry when there is something you cannot fix. Gavie Jon will be fixed! He will be healed and live a normal and happy life just like any other little boy.

To feel sorry for him in my book only weakens him. He is a fighter!!! And one of the strongest little boys I know. How many people can say I was BORN with Cancer and overcame it! Even now he is not giving up. He is determined to prove his Docs wrong and use his right hand. This is the same hand that a year ago we were told he was 99% going to lose!!!!

So please don't feel sorry for him or for us. Cancer did not weaken us but only made us stronger! It brought new and wonderful people into our lives. People whom we would of never met if not for this icky word! It has opened our eyes to so much. It has taught us to give instead of take and to take time out to help those who need it. It has taught us not to take life for granted. And though we sadly have lost so many special friends along the way we know they lead the path for us. And are now happy and smiling free of pain and worries that no child should ever have.

So please NEVER feel sorry for us. For our lives are filled with so much joy each day we wake up and see Gavie smiling at us. To hear him say Mommy and do his crazy little Gavie things is my inspiration.

Am I sorry Gavie has Cancer .. No. I am sorry he has been through so much yes. But God chose him to be a fighter and to show people how to BELIEVE in Miracles. He was sent to me to show me how life is supposed to be lived! And for that I am forever grateful.

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Great post Jodie...