Monday, September 27, 2010

Days like these ..

Today was one of those wonderful days where the boys got along with each other and instead of hearing the brotherly bickering I had the pleasure of listening to their giggles. We are having our Fall Break this week so the boys were school free. They played video games and with their WWE men.

This evening before bed we even had a brownie and milk as a special snack. Tomorrow I am heading to SAMS to get some cookie mix. Gabs just loves to bake. I truly believe he is going to be a Chef or Baker one day. He says he wants to be the Cake Boss when he grows up. He reminds me of my Daddy and how he loved to cook.

Speaking of Dad ... boy how I miss him. It has been 9 months since he has been gone. I don't think it will get easier. There are days when the boys talk about him and how much they miss him. I believe those days are harder to bear because I know they feel the loss and pain that I do. Sometimes at night out of the blue I will get a memory and start to cry. He was my hero and confidant. My best friend. I guess you could say growing up I was the typical Daddy's little girl. I could pretty much get away with everything and had him wrapped around my pinky. Kind of like how my boys have me.

Right now I am watching the Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. It is actually a really cute movie. After this I should be getting to bed though. Poor Gabs has been restless this last hour. Thank goodness he has not woke up and stayed up! 

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