Sunday, October 7, 2007

Life as we know it ...

Well I figured my first blog on here should be about well us! I decided to call my blog SillyVille because that is us! We have been through so much as a family and through it all I have learned that laughter is the most important thing.

I am a single Mom to 2 wonderful little men! Nicholas is my oldest and he will be 8 in March! Gavin Jon is 20 months old and a miracle in the making. In March of 2006 when Gav was just a month old we were told news that would change our life forever. Gavin was born with a extremely rare Childhood Cancer called Infantile Fibrosarcoma (Cancer of the soft tissue). No Mother ever wants to hear her child is sick and to hear the word Cancer our life came apart. In the beginning we were told he may lose his arm. Which is where the tumor was. But we were determined to think positive and do anything in our power to beat this nasty disease. Gav is now in REMISSION! We still have our ups and downs but, that is life in SillyVille.

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