Monday, October 8, 2007

Long Day ...

Today seems like it has went on forever! I have been super tired which I don't know why because I was in bed by 1 last night. Which is early for me!!

Gavie was super busy this afternoon! We laid in the living room floor and played with his toys. He had a blast. He then had one of his favorites Animal Crackers for a snack. And of course then it was back to playing! Nic came home with the sniffles. UGH!!! He is supposed to have a root canal tomorrow morning but if he is not feeling well I am rescheduling it. I know I would not want to go through that already feeling like poopy. So I would never make him!

Other then that life here is the same. I am stressed over some recent issues with my ex-husband but I am used to it. I have learned to do it all on my own so I will find a way.

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