Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not as planned ...

Well today has not gone as planned but, then again in our lives when does it!? Gavie woke up with a little red runny nose and a slight cough. He looked liek Rudolph on Christmas Eve but, adorable none the less. So I decided to stay home with him. I want to get him well before the sniffles turns into an out of control major cold.

I am going tomorrow for 2 hours to Curves though to make up for it. I guess I feel guilty for missing. Plus I like working out. Which I NEVER thought I would!!!

I did manage to get the October field trip set up and out of the way! So on October 26th the kids will be going to Waterman's Farmers Market. They have a great hayride and pumpkin patch that the kids love plus this awesome Dinosaur that smashes pumpkins! I am sure we will have a blast!

Gavie is sitting here watching Cars. It is so cute!! He is starting to get into movies and tv shows now. He has his favorites though. Anything with Hannah Montana, Elmo, Tigger, or Cars. He is now starting to get into Diego and Dora as well!

He didn't have therapy today due to him feeling bad. I defiantly DO NOT want Lori getting sick!!! So next week therapy will resume. I also recieved a call from Brandy today. Seems we were missing each other. Gotta love phone tag! Gavie's appointment with the specialist is on December 7th at 1. I hate having to wait so long but, I know how it is getting in with these Docs. So we will see how it goes.

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