Saturday, January 26, 2008

911 Can I help you?

Today Gavin decided we were to boring to play with. So he took it upon himself to sneak the phone (his fave past time)and call 911! Dear Lord I was so embarrassed when the Greenwood Police Department called me back asking me if we were ok!

I explained to the officer that my Toddler had been playing with the phone and must of dialed the number. He laughed and said it happens all the time ... Glad to know everyone's ok. Wew thank goodness I didn't get a lecture from them on not letting kids play with the phone!

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Rhonda Lynn Kohl Coria said...

Tell little Gavie that his big Sister, Rica, did that twice. Once in Oxnard when she was 1 and 1/2 the police drug us out of the house cuz they did not believe we were not being held hostage and the second time was when she was five and she pushed the panic alarm button at the restaurant where her mom works under the cash register, which brought out the Dinuba/Tulare County Sheriff SWAT team. HA HA HA. Now her and her mommy did get a lecture. But in the end, looking at her big watery eyes was enough to melt all our hearts and just give her a big hug, which is all anyone can do for little Gavie too. Give him a hug from his second mommy, Rhonda.