Thursday, January 10, 2008

Child Support ..

Why is it so hard to pay for your child and help take care of him/her? My ex husband (Nic's father) seems to think this is so hard to do. And it is really driving me crazy! Tomorrow he goes to court yet again over this issue.

He is over 15 Grand behind as of right now. And he always manages to stay out of jail. If he does go his rich Daddy bails him out ASAP! What does that teach him huh? He is supposed to be facing Prison time this time around due to it being a Felony case now. But I am sure he will get out of it as he always does. What makes me even more POed is that he is engaged now! I could care less that he is it is just the fact that he has all this money to go on trips with her yet cannot pay on Nicholas.

She even had the NERVE to msg me on MySpace and tell me what a wonderful man he was and how he wanted Nic in his life what the hell?! She obviously doe not know the same man I know. She also happens to work for Clarion Health which is a part of Riley Hospital. (where Gavie goes) And Ronnie just happened to get my address after years of not knowing it. It sucks that I have no visual proof. I know she was behind it though. Ronnie tried to say he hired a PI to find us. That is total BS! I know him and he could care less much less spend all that money to find a child he wouldn't spend the money to support if he didn't have to.

I know I am rambling but this just ticks me off UGH!!!!


Marla said...

Yikes girl, that sucks! You have every right to rant!! :(

Rhonda Lynn Kohl Coria said...

Let the words role. I get to go to court in a few months over someone trying to get support from me cuz he does not/refuses to work. How in the hell is that fair? Go figure. Keep on fighting girlfriend. Rhonda