Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I don't know how they do it!

Today I watched my friend Tiffani's 2 children. Ameila is 4 and Gabe is 1. Oh my goodness I do not know how the Mommies with children close together do it! I am wore out!!! Gavie and Ameila were at each other all night about MINE MINE MINE! Nicholas was just well Nic! He is a ball of energy and I do enough keeping up with him and Gav. Gabe was the only good one! He was quiet the whole time and just observed everyone. If I knew any better he probably thought they were all crazy!

I am so ready for bed! And tomorrow is another big day. I have a meeting with the First Steps Coordinator and then Gavie has therapy. After that I am going to work out a lil bit and do the Mommy thing of course! Then Friday I plan on tutoring at Nic's school.

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