Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will you still remember me?

The night before last Nicholas told me he missed his Grampa. I said well I can call Poppy and you can talk to him and we will see him Wed. night for dinner. He said No Mommy my Grampa in Heaven. (My Mom's Dad) Holding back the tears I said we all do hunny.

I then told him when he gets older one day he will go to Heaven and he will see him again. Nic then says but Mommy he wont remember me. I told him not to worry his Grampa would know who he was and why would he think that? I couldn't help but smile when in true Nicholas fashion he says to me I will be all grown up and look different how will he know who I am?!

I assured him that his Grampa will always remember who he was no matter how different he looked that Grampa's never forget.


Marla said...

He is so sweet Jodie!

Rhonda Lynn Kohl Coria said...

Dearest Nic: Always remember that our grammas and grampas watch us from heaven and know exactly how we look throughout our whole lives. You are and will always be remembered by all who love you. Love to you, your second mommy, Rhonda