Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year a New Me!

I know I said at the beginning of last year I was going to do alot of things. But I wasn't quite ready at the time to forgive and forget things. Even though I wanted to really bad!!! But this year I am ready to move on and forgive and forget. What is done is done. You cannot make someone be with you when they do not want to this I know.

I am actually happy alone. I have my boys to keep me company. They take up 90 percent of my time anyways. Sure I get lonely every now and then. Who doesn't? But I have other things to occupy my time. I am going on 3 years now of being alone so I should be used to keeping myself busy.

Maybe one day I will find this so called Mister Right. I wonder if there is a such thing. Only time will tell. I do know however that this year I will be HAPPY and focus on me!!! Here are a few of my resolutions!

1. Lose weight! I am determined to lose all my goal weigh by this summer!!! I better get started now!

2. Focus on me!!! I am always making other people happy. This year it is about me me me!

3. Start being girly again! I have focused so much on Gavie being sick that I have let myself go! Back to doing my make-up and hair!

4. Enjoy my family and friends. I have so may wonderful friends (they know who they are!)

5. Get ORGANIZED!!! I need to do this so bad!

6. Finish the boys room. I have so many ideas just need to put them into play!

Well there you have it my resolutions! I am sure there is probably more. I will get to them as the year proceeds! Happy New Year to all!

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Dee said...

Accomplished & Beautiful!

Thank you Jodie!

Deana Vaughn