Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a scare!

Last night I had just got done changing Mister Gavie and went to take his diaper downstairs to the trash. Well Gavie has learned to open doors of course so the boys room has baby gates on both sides (the entry to the room and the bathroom entry from the room) to keep Gavie in so he doesn't play on the stairs. (His new favorite thing!) Well Toto was trying to go with me and I guess he tried jumping the gate while I was going down the stairs.

When I returned like 2 mins later Toto was balled up over by the gate to the entry of the room. I nudged him telling him to move so I could get over the gate even muttering to myself because he wasn't moving. After nearly tripping over him I look down and notice both of his front legs sticking straight out .. him shaking and the look of panic in his eyes!

I tried standing him up and he just fell over. He then began to violently shake like he was having a severe seizure! Poor Nicholas was bawling he was so upset and scared. I wrapped him in a towel and held him close for like 10 minutes to see if that helped and tried standing him up again. (If he fell again we were rushing him to the Vet! But instead he was fine his usual playful jumpy self!!!

We think what happened was he tried to jump the gate and somehow got hurt and it freeked him out and he went into some type of shock. I have monitored him and checked his legs and he seems fine today still playing and jumping around. o

It is true what they say about your pets. They are like your children!! Holding him last night shaking and scared was like holding one of my boys. Toto is truly a part of this family and hopefully a looooooooooooooooooong time member!

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